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Woman returns to claim abandoned baby

By Lu Feiran (Shanghai Daily)

10:21, January 21, 2012

A woman who claimed to have abandoned a baby at the Hongqiao Railway Station came to Shanghai this week to ask for her baby back, but first she will have to prove that she's the baby's mother.

A baby boy was found abandoned in the waiting room at the station on January 8. There was a note with the baby saying: "I will be watching over you in Heaven." Passengers waited for a long time, hoping that the parents of the baby would come and fetch him. Eventually, passengers reported to the police and the baby was sent to Changning District Central Hospital.

The hospital expected to hand the baby over to a local children's home this weekend.

But a woman surnamed Shao rushed to the police office at the railway station this week, claiming that she's the baby's mother. The woman brought various documents, such as the baby's birth certificate and her own identity card, which showed she's 24 years old. The woman from Weifang, Shandong Province, said she regretted dropping off the baby.

"His name is Hao Hao, and he's now one and a half years old," she said. "He's healthy and smart."

Shao said she had a fight with her husband's family and left home with her son. She thought the baby would have a miserable life with her, so she decided to place him in a busy area, hoping the police would take him until a better family adopted him.

"I only trusted the police," she said. "I kept watching after placing him in the waiting room. If other passengers took him, I would have seized him back. After I saw a policeman take him, I went onto the train back to Weifang."

Several days later, however, she started to be worried about the baby. She came to Shanghai again and was told the baby had been sent to the hospital.

Rushing to the hospital, Shao failed to find the baby, and no one believed that she was the baby's mother because she had no proof. So she went back to Weifang again and brought back as many certificates as possible.

The police said that when telling her story, Shao's state of mind did not seem stable. She sometimes seemed to be calm, but sometimes was out of control. The police contacted her family to come to join her in Shanghai.

The hospital said that under Chinese law, Shao will need to take a DNA test to prove she is the baby's mother.


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