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H&M sweater quality unravels in test by watchdogs

By Lu Feiran (Shanghai Daily)

09:13, January 21, 2012

AN H&M sweater was found to have quality problems with fiber content in a recent inspection by Shanghai quality watchdogs.

The fiber content in the men's sweater did not match the description on the label, said the Shanghai Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision.

A similar problem was found with a Captaino sweater, reported officials.

Problems were also uncovered with a Boni woollen sweater which contained excessive levels of harmful chemical formaldehyde, officials said.

In recent years, quality inspections have revealed that quality problems sometimes exist with international brands.

H&M has been on the bureau's quality blacklist several times.

Watchdogs discovered quality problems with one of the company's baby jackets last May, and H&M said consumers could ask for a refund.

The Swedish chain once said problems occurred because quality standards in Europe are different to those in China.

In early 2010, baby clothes and wool products by Folli Follie, Zara and Anna Sui failed local quality inspections.

In 2007, quality problems were also reported in high-end brands, such as Burberry, MaxMara, Dior and Armani.


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