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Death penalty in fraud crimes divides public (2)

By Yang Jingjie (Global Times)

13:20, January 20, 2012

The wrongdoing of officials unmasked by Wu came about as results of her bribery, which cannot be viewed as a contribution to the discovery of these crimes, the court said, rejecting Wu's plea for leniency.

The death sentence is still subject to review by the country's Supreme People's Court. So far, relevant authorities have not released the complete list of officials exposed by Wu.

According to the Oriental Morning Post, Wu Hong, a law professor at the East China University of Political Science and Law, explained that China has a relatively tight control over finance, and the fraud case has brought society a lot of harm.

"Such fraud always involves a lot of people, and it is usually impossible to recover these losses," Wu Hong said.

Chen Tao, a lawyer with the Criminal Law Committee under the Beijing Lawyers Association, told the Global Times that there is a trend of local courts handing out harsh punishments to illegal fundraising offenders as a warning to others.

On Saturday, the Anyang Intermediate People's Court in Henan Province handed down a life sentence to 41-year-old Liu Hongfei, who raised more than 85 million yuan by promising high returns to lenders between 2005 and 2011.

However, many people called for leniency to be shown to Wu Ying.

Some microbloggers showed sympathy for her, saying that the crime she committed was not severe enough for a life sentence.

Chen shared a similar sentiment, citing that Wu Ying had turned in several other offenders, and the Supreme People's Court had issued a notice asking local courts to be cautious in deciding on the death penalty.

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hill at 2012-02-1492.234.205.*
The verdict is too harsh .Death penalty spurs more criminal acts .Never stops it .Death penalty should be abolished .
hill at 2012-02-1492.234.205.*
The verdict is too harsh .Death penalty spurs more criminal acts .Never stops it .Death penalty should be abolished .
Gary at 2012-01-21125.237.207.*
If this type of crime was punishable by death then there would be very much less crime in the western countries. I still do not agree however, and there must be another way
Sam Teng at 2012-01-21175.136.180.*
Death penalty for serious crimes has been a hot debate and many countries have different views. Even in the US, not all the states impose death penalty. Very often, it had been argued on humanitarian grounds. I would say that if the crime resulted in premeditated murder or death of the victims, death penalty should be imposed as the last resort. This will serve as a deterrent for would be offenders. There is no right or wrong in death penalty. It depends on the circumstances of the crime and the situation of the country or state at that moment. Protection and fairness to the innocent victim should be of paramount importance.
Fat-Chun Leung Ki at 2012-01-20188.61.105.*
After 1949 revolution, China needed very severe laws to discourage frauds and other serious crimes. Such crimes were rampant. Some of the criminals,who committed serious frauds, were caught and were put to death by the people"s courts. More than 60 years have since passed and Chinese society has changed tremendously and the criminal laws need to be brought up to date, making the legal system more aligned with the mainstream of international legal practices. Take the case of Bernard Madoff, just as an example. He who ran a ponzi scheme defrauded billions of US dollars from the US public. The US Supreme Court did not condemn him to death but 150 years in prison. In most modern societies, death sentence is regarded as a cruel and revengeful mean to wreak justice. Without condoning serious crimes, death penalty should be resorted to for frauds when the crimes committed seriously endanger public peace and security.

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