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Migrant workers may return to work at home


08:58, January 20, 2012

HEFEI, Jan. 19 (Xinhua) -- Soon after the holiday season of Chinese New Year finishes, migrant workers leave their hometown and return to work, already looking forward to the next Lunar New Year and the opportunity it will bring to reunite with their families.

This once was the stereotype of thousands of millions of Chinese migrant workers, travelling far and living apart from their loved ones.

However, with the rapid development of central provinces, a growing number of migrant workers do not need to work far away from their homes. Latest statistics from Anhui province, for example, show that, by the end of September in 2011, around 10 percent of all migrant workers from the area had returned home to start their own businesses. A larger number had found jobs near home.

Lu Weidong, 41, is one such returnee. From Zhufoan town in Anhui, he was once a farmer and did odd jobs in faraway Shanghai for nearly 10 years. Three years ago, though, he returned to his hometown and co-founded a company making bamboo products.

"I no longer need to queue up for days and nights to get a ticket for the train home at Spring Festival," Lu says. "It's so nice to work near home, and I can take care of my parents and children."

Lu is currently busy making last-minute checks ahead of Chinese New Year, calculating the salary and year-end bonus for his 150 staff, most of whom are locals.

Processing 500,000 sticks of bamboo, Lu's company earns an annual total of 20 million yuan (3.17 million U.S. dollars) and gives out more than 3 million yuan as salary to workers. The annual profit of the successful business reaches more than six million yuan.

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