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China to publish unified residents' income level

By Zhu Jianhong (People's Daily)

17:05, January 19, 2012

China's urban and rural household surveys which are carried out separately will be unified in 2013, said Ma Jiantang, the director of the National Bureau of Statistics.

He said China will calculate the unified Gini Coefficient of China's urban and rural residents and publish the unified resident income level in 2013. China will try to publish the average urban and rural resident income in 2013.

The Gini Coefficient, which is between 0 and 1, reflects the different degree of incomes. The higher the Gini Coefficient is, the larger the income gap. Internationally, the Gini Coefficient value 0.4 is usually regarded as the “warning line” of the income gap.

Ma said that the National Bureau of Statistics has started publishing the Gini Coefficient of rural residents' net incomes since 2000 and it was 0.39 in 2011. But because currently China has not published the Gini Coefficient of urban residents since it is hard to get the true income information of the urban residents.


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