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Jewelry brands tarnished by poor quality products

By Lu Feiran (Shanghai Daily)

15:06, January 19, 2012

TOP Chinese jewelry brands have been accused by watchdogs of not having enough precious metals or quality jewels in their goods, Nanfang Daily reported yesterday.

South China's Guangdong Province Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision tested 307 batches of products, and found problems with 102.

Inspectors said metals used in 15 batches were not pure enough - including a Kin Liu Fook silver bracelet, a China Gold silver necklace and a Fook Sang Sang platinum necklace.

And nine batches - among them goods by Efandy and Yufuyuan - were found to include second-class gems being sold at premium prices.

The products concerned must be removed from sale and customers offered refunds, said officials.

Industry insiders said with the jewelry market booming as Chinese New Year approaches, companies are casting their net wider for manufacturers and suppliers, sometimes at the expense of quality.

"Companies carry out random checks, so some products escape detection," said Zhang Yongtao, secretary general of China Gold Association.

"We urge the companies - some of which are time-honored, renowned brands - to cherish their reputations, improve product quality and reimburse consumers if necessary."

In recent years, leading jewelry companies have ended up on authorities' blacklists on several occasions.


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