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Porsche owner's prank stirs public anger

By Pan Zheng (Shanghai Daily)

09:29, January 18, 2012

A Porsche sedan in east China's Shandong Province drew a lot spotlight recently after its owner put a sign reading "Corruption investigator" behind the windshield. But local officials said yesterday the sign was a prank as the car was privately owned.

Yesterday's Jinan Evening News published a photo of the Porsche parked in Dezhou, a city in the province. The sign made some people believe the expensive sedan was an official car.

The photo soon sparked an onslaught of criticism. Many people said it was a great irony that government officials rode luxury cars to do corruption investigation.

The Shandong authority of discipline inspection made an announcement yesterday afternoon that the Porsche in the photo belonged to an individual in Jinan, the provincial capital, who made this practical joke.

It also said the Dezhou City Discipline Inspection Commission never issued such a sign and the Porsche owner has no working relationship with the commission.


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