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Railway police flex muscles against theft, fraud


08:09, January 18, 2012

BEIJING - Chinese railway police are clamping down on acts of theft and fraud conducted against the nation's rail passengers, as China has started its massive travel period around the traditional Spring Festival.

Since the campaign was launched in early December 2011, 274 cases have been solved, and 262 criminal suspects apprehended, according to a statement released by an authority with the railway police on Tuesday.

During the campaign, railway police added forces, including plain clothes officers, to patrol densely-populated spots, including ticket offices, waiting rooms, platforms and train carriages.

Moreover, railway police have heightened monitoring through video cameras to ensure everyone is put under scrutiny, and the video monitoring is conducted around the clock.

The Spring Festival, or Chinese Lunar New Year, which falls on Jan 23 this year, is the most important Chinese holiday for family reunions, making it a hectic time for China's public transportation system.


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