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Volunteers clear traps for endangered Siberian tigers in NE China


09:01, January 16, 2012

Liu Tong, an expert with the New York-based non-profit organization Wildlife Conservation Society, checks a suspected paw print of siberian tiger in a forest farm of northeast China's Heilongjiang Province, Jan. 10, 2012. (Xinhua/Wang Kai)

Dozens of volunteers braved freezing temperatures and knee-high snow to clear traps for endangered wild Siberian tigers in northeast China this week.

In six groups, 73 volunteers searched six forest farms in the northeastern province of Heilongjiang in a four-day trap-clearing campaign that ended on Jan.13.

The volunteers included members such as doctors, computer engineers, public servants and college students, and among them there was an Australian named Melissa Pettigrew.

Winter is a tough season for the rare tigers as their prey becomes scarce, and the animals sometimes die from not having enough to eat or by coming into contact with a hunter's bullet or a trap.

Wang Lin, an initiator of the trap-clearing campaign, said that every winter, poachers set iron wire ring traps to catch wild animals like rabbits and roe deer as they can be more easily tracked on snow.

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charlie Linebarger at 2012-01-18108.75.72.*
If China can save its" wild tigers and other endangered wildlife such as the magnificent giant salamander it shows she is ready to take her place in the vanguard of nations, Once lost these species are gone forever, it will take a long stable view of the future to save them, stretching several centuries. And very little miscalculation in a very short time to lose these treasures of our former natural world.
ASEAN at 2012-01-17220.255.1.*
It is great to know that many Chinese are coming forward to help animals. More Chinese should also step forward to help domestic animals where some are being abused. I also hope that more Chinese should work with the Chinese authority to monitor the air pollution which is extremely bad in Beijing and some other cities. Because the departments that are in charge of safeguarding the air quality is not doing a good job. Every year, they reported that Beijing air quality is above the international standard. How can that be ? Any human being would know that the pollution is very bad in Beijing.
ming at 2012-01-1658.11.3.*
Big hands for these volunteers. You have done a great job to save those wildlife. Don"t let the world blame on Chinese of doing nothing. Now these people standup and doing something to safegaurd these wildlife. Awesome.

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