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Bribery tops list of China's business crime

By Cai Wenjun (Shanghai Daily)

08:52, January 16, 2012

BRIBERY tops the list of wrongdoings that saw officials of China's state-owned enterprises investigated or sentenced on criminal charges last year.

A report showed that 88 cases in state-owned enterprises involved corruption that averaged 33.84 million yuan (US$5.37 million) for each person, while the 2010 figure was 9.57 million yuan.

The report said cases involving senior officials or top executives in both state owned and private enterprises were rising - from 95 in 2009, 155 in 2010 to more than 200 last year.

Among the 220 cases last year, 202 were work-related crimes, according to the Faren magazine, which conducted the study.

The cases looked at were only those which had been publicly reported, said writer Wang Rongli.

The report covered 199 of the 202 cases, as suspects in the other three cases were still at large, Wang said.

Of those, 88 involved state-owned enterprises and 111 involved private enterprises.

On average, state-owned enterprise officials were 52.59 years old when alleged illegal activities were exposed. Of 56 cases which were concluded last year, 14 state-owned enterprise officials received death sentences with two-year probations and six were jailed for life.

The biggest case involved Feng Yongming, a furniture tycoon and de facto controller of stated-owned Guangming Group Furniture Co in Yichun in northeast Heilongjiang Province. He was sentenced to death with two-year probation and his personal assets confiscated in July over corruption involving a total of 790 million yuan.

In 2005, Feng featured on the Hurun Rich List with 500 million yuan in personal assets.

The average age of those involved in the 111 private enterprise cases was 45.67 when their crimes were detected and fraud topped the list of offenses, the report said.

Two were executed last year, another five received death sentences, four received death sentences with probation and 11 were jailed for life.

The report said group crime was conspicuous last year with at least 79 cases involving two or more individuals working in concert. Those cases actually involved a total of 1,266 suspects.

Cases involving officials in gang-related crime dropped, while fraud and swindling rose from 19 cases in 2010 to last year's 41.


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John at 2012-02-09113.239.230.*
Helen- If this were about American corruption you would have at least a paragraph of vile things to say about the evil empire. Say it ain"t so
helen at 2012-01-16203.82.92.*
Where there is money, there will always be crimes. A never ending job for the CCDI and constant vigilance by the CPC.
Huaqiao at 2012-01-1675.72.239.*
shame to the chinese. bribery and cheating is the chinese"s mentality and culture. shame on you.

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