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National standard on school buses passed

(China Daily)

14:32, January 15, 2012

Two workers pull a bus body from a paint workshop in Hengtong Bus Co in Chongqing last month. A standard for school buses, which mandates the shape with bulging front ends, was passed in a review by a national industry committee on Friday. (Xinhua/Li Jian)

BEIJING - The new national standard on the technical specifications of school buses does not purely copy US standards and will fit in the situation in China, an official said on Friday.

Two mandatory safety standards for school buses were passed in a review by a national industry committee on Friday, with one technical specification requiring the shape of US school buses - with a bulging front end - to increase their safety in head-on collisions.

Another safety standard has laid out requirements for the size and quality of the seats.

Though it mimics the shape of the big-nosed US buses, authorities say the new standard has enough technical details that were designed specifically for conditions in China.

"The width of passages inside the buses, for instance, was shortened as much as possible," an official at the National Standard Committee, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told China Daily. "So that the width of buses could also be shortened. And that design takes into account that most roads in China's rural areas are too narrow for large buses."

The specifications also take into consideration factors such as the driving habits and climate factors in China, he said.

The mandatory standards will be made public after receiving approvals from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the National Standard Committee.

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