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Foxconn talks protesters down from plant roof

By Xu Tianran (Global Times)

08:59, January 13, 2012

Taiwan-based contract manufacturer Foxconn Technology Group said Thursday it had successfully resolved a rooftop protest at its plant in Wuhan, Hubei Province, but the company was urged to further improve its management and working conditions.

"Early in the morning on January 4, approximately 150 employees at our Wuhan campus staged a workplace incident, which was caused by a decision to transfer workers to another business unit within the complex," the manufacturing giant said in a statement, adding that the incident was "peacefully resolved" on the same day.

It said 45 workers involved in the incident had chosen to voluntarily resign.

An official with the Management Committee of Donghu district in Wuhan told the Global Times the factory has resumed production, but declined to provide more details.

There are a total of 32,000 workers in the Wuhan plant. According to Foxconn, it has more than 1 million employees working on the mainland.

The company did not address online reports saying some of the protesters had threatened to commit mass suicide by jumping off a plant building.

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Canada at 2012-01-1370.36.49.*
It needs to be investigated further. Hopefully China can put some basic labour law standards in place and crack down hard on corporations that violate them. Working conditions must be grim if some have committed suicide. Maybe Foxconn should be required to pay severance to those that voluntarily quit? Likely wasn"t very voluntary at all.

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