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Client info leaked from e-shopping site

By Wei Na (Global Times)

08:55, January 13, 2012

A customer paid the price after buying a gift for his wife online, when his personal information was leaked to third party who made a fake delivery to him, which he unwittingly paid for.

The e-commerce company,, refused to take any responsibility for the leak.

Yuan Lin, a local resident, ordered some Chanel perfume costing 596 yuan ($94) from Dangdang, a Beijing-based company, but received two deliveries on Monday.

"The first delivery guy gave me a tightly wrapped EMS package that later turned out to be cheap cosmetics, but since he had my address, phone number and correct purchase information, I paid the bill immediately,”said Yuan.

When the courier who had Yuan’s real purchase arrived 20 minutes later, Yuan called Dangdang’s customer service hotline, but was told that they did not know anything about it, so the prior purchase could not be cancelled.

"It’s obvious my information was leaked from their platform, maybe to the express company cooperating with them or even on the black market. I’m furious the company has been so irresponsible,” said Yuan, adding that he would not be buying from Dangdang again.

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