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First Chinese language HC interaction software debuts

By Wang Hanjuan (The Economic Daily)

16:52, January 12, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

Recently, world's first Chinese-language human-computer interaction software 099 debuted in Kunshan of Jiangsu Province.

The software, which could be installed on mobile phone intelligence platform, not only realizes voice interaction between human beings and mobile phone in Chinese language, but also creatively combines Chinese historical culture and geographic information navigation for the first time.

Wang Xiaoqing, the board chairman of the manufacturer Shenzhou Tuji Geographic Name Information Technologies Stock Company Limited, said that the product is not only a software suitable for mobile phone but also an intelligent "little secretary" that integrates entertainment, video games and services.

Users can interact with it by inputting Chinese characters, clicking mouse or inputting voices and the software will reply using Chinese characters, expressions, gestures and voices. The product could also memorize the user's hobbies, habits, personal information, etc.


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