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The ascent of 3D?

By Wei Xi (Global Times)

14:22, January 12, 2012

Following quickly on the success of Flying Swords of Dragon Gate, the first 3D wuxia (martial arts) movie, China has just launched its first 3D TV channel. Many Chinese are applauding the move, as it "is the first time Chinese television producers stand at the same starting line as the rest of the world," according to an article published in Nanjing-based Xinhua Daily last week.

Provided by State-run China Central Television (CCTV) and supported by five local broadcasters, the channel, called CCTV 3D, started trial broadcasts on January 1. In addition to regular programming like sports, animation, documentaries, nature programs, and entertainment shows, the channel will present two special events, the 2012 Spring Festival Gala and the 2012 London Olympics, in 3D.

The craze over 3D has spread throughout China, where people have had to wait years for new technologies to be introduced inside the country's borders.

Now, Chinese are among the first in the world to experience the latest in entertainment.

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