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Palace Museum chief named

By <font face='楷体_GB2312'>Cheng Yingqi</font> (China Daily)

08:47, January 12, 2012

Shan Jixiang is appointed as new head of Palace Museum (China Daily Photo)

Head of scandal-plagued Forbidden City scheduled to retire this year

BEIJING - China appointed a replacement for the retiring head of the Palace Museum on Tuesday, which was hit by a series of scandals last year.

Shan Jixiang, former director of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, will replace Zheng Xinmiao, the current director, a museum official told China Daily on Wednesday.

Shan Jixiang is appointed as new head of Palace Museum.

The appointment was announced by the Minister of Culture Cai Wu during a meeting at the Palace Museum on Tuesday, Chang Lingxing, a spokesperson for the museum, said.

But Chang added there has been no mention of any plans to replace or reorganize the museum's six vice-directors.

Zheng, the former director of the museum, was born in 1947, and will hit the official retirement age of 65 in October.

The reputation of the museum, also known as the Forbidden City, was tarnished by a slew of scandals last year.

A thief broke into the museum and stole nine rare items in May. In July, a museum worker damaged a rare antique porcelain dish, and the museum was reportedly trying to cover up the accident.

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