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Free car pool just the ticket for travelers

By Wei Na (Global Times)

08:38, January 12, 2012

Hundreds of people desperate to get home for the Spring Festival have signed up for an online free car pool service.

Wang Yong, 37, who has been offering free rides to commuters in his Mercedes for the last 14 years, started a campaign called "Let's free car pool home for Spring Festival" on a microblog Tuesday. Yesterday, 200 drivers offered a free ride through the platform, while 500 people expressed the need for a free ride back home.

"We all know that getting a train ticket back home for Chinese New Year has been a pain for years, and it's time to stop complaining and do something about it," said Wang.

The campaign asks drivers who are willing to give free rides to post the time of departure, routes and vehicle information on the campaign page on Sina Weibo, so that those in need can find a driver going their way.

However, before the carpooling partners get in the same car and start the journey, there's a "carpooling ride contract" for both sides to sign.

"I wanted to promote carpooling for more people to escape the nightmare of ticket-buying five years ago actually, but we couldn't cover the potential safety risks and individual responsibilities back then," said Wang.

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