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Bicycle repairman finds the right gear

By Zheng Jinran (China Daily)

08:04, January 12, 2012

Ren Yuhua, a bicycle repair shop owner at Tsinghua University, has recently moved many students after writing an online post about his experience of work and life in Beijing. (Liu Guanguan / China News Service)

BEIJING - On a chilly Wednesday, a man wearing a dirty glove was changing a bicycle chain in front of his repair shop at Tsinghua University.

Compared to the surrounding buildings of China's top university, his 3-sq-m shop looks quite small and shabby. But the owner shows his pride, saying, "With my shop, I can repair bicycles for students. Furthermore, with the experience and money I get here, I will manufacture my own bicycles with lower prices but superior quality for them."

Students in Tsinghua dub him "the guy with courage" after reading his profiles on, a popular website among students in China.

Ren Yuhua, 29, left his village in Zhangjiakou, Hebei province some 12 years ago after graduating from middle school.

"I decided to work to support my poor family," Ren said. "I went to Beijing alone without hesitation and found temporary shelter with a fellow from my town who was working at a canteen in Tsinghua University."

He had tried many odd jobs only to find his big city dream difficult to realize.

He once worked as a porter at a construction site but gave up two days afterwards. He was accepted as an apprentice by an old man who owned a bicycle shop at Tsinghua and he stayed there for three years.

"I quit because my monthly salary was quite low. It was about 600 yuan ($95) at most in 2002. And the job always made me dirty," he said with great disappointment.

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