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Health Ministry: Microblog diagnosis prohibited

(Beijing Morning Post)

15:55, January 11, 2012

Edited and translated by Yao Chun, People's Daily Online

China’s Health Ministry said yesterday that all the medical institutions and physicians are prohibited from doing diagnosis and treatment by microblog.

Deng Haihua, spokesman of the Ministry of Health, recognized the appropriate use of microblogs by medical institutions and physicians.

He called for a tighter administration in medical microblogs. “We think microblog is just a way for disseminating health care knowledge, and it is forbid to make diagnosis by microblog,” he said.

Deng said microblog is an effective way for people to learn about illnesses, prevent diseases and promote better health.

The public have different opinions about the ban on medical microblog

Some people think that microblog offers a more effective platform for patient-doctor interaction, therefore the Health Ministry’s remarks are unnecessary.

This online communication between patients and medicos is targeted and effective which can improve the relationships between patients and doctors, some people said online.

Recently, Zhang Rongya, a doctor with Peking Union Medical College Hospital, said on her microblog that a pregnant woman who came to the hospital to give birth to a child turned out to be a virgin.

This message has triggered a heated discussion on privacy. Many people think it is inappropriate to put the medical record cards of patients online. “I don’t want to see a doctor who is active online”, an Internet user said.


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