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Overseas Chinese look for love at home

By Luo Wangshu (China Daily)

08:50, January 11, 2012

A man kneels down and asks a woman to become his girlfriend during a dating activity on Jan 8 co-organized by Beijing's Chaoyang district federation of returned overseas Chinese and dating website More than 150 Chinese who have returned from overseas took part in the activity. (China News Service/Liu Guanguan)

Lack of traditional women abroad spurs some to seek brides in China.

BEIJING - Leo Han (alias), a 30-year-old marketing analyst in Seattle, confesses that he is not much of a housekeeper.

"I never cooked before I came to the United States," Leo said.

"My mom never even let me touch the dishes when I was young. They wanted me to spend every second studying."

That's why Han says it is essential that any girl he marries knows how to cook and clean.

Now that Han has settled into a career as a senior marketing analyst for a world-renowned company, he is looking to marry, but like many overseas Chinese born on the mainland, he is finding it difficult to meet a match abroad.

"Women here like to do the same things as men do," Han joked. "They even blamed me for not being able to have a baby."

Han said he prefers a traditional woman like his mother.

"I would like to have a warm home like the one I remember from my childhood," he said. "When my dad came home from work, my mom already had food waiting for him."

Zhang Yu, the organizer of a dating group that includes about 80 singles, agreed that housekeeping ability was an essential characteristic for Chinese men who are looking for wives abroad.

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I found mine years ago and very happy to have her by my side all these years.

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