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Kudos for caped crusader

By Li Ying (Global Times)

08:20, January 11, 2012

A masked and caped young man has become the capital's latest anonymous good Samaritan, publicizing his good deeds via a microblog.

The man, known only as "Incredible Jiongjiong," told the Global Times that he began lending a hand to those in need after Internet site Tencent launched a campaign to collect Web users' "little wishes" this Christmas.

Examples of Jiongjiong's recent good turns include helping three migrant workers secure train tickets to go home during Spring Festival, assisting a Web user give a sleeping bag to a homeless person, helping a girl replace a broken car tire, and aiding a man to send roses to his girlfriend.

In Jiongjiong's profile pictures, he wears a cowboy hat, a mask and a black cloak.

"I copied the masked hero named Jiongjiong from a Hongkong comedy Mr.&Mrs. Incredible," he told the Global Times yesterday, but refused to reveal his name and career.

"I'm not a Beijinger, and have a white collar job," he said.

"I just selected some people I'm able to offer a helping hand to," Jiongjiong said.

"It may not be easy for migrant workers to use the online system to buy train tickets," he said, "so I just asked for their ID numbers and spent hours refreshing ticket selling websites and making phone calls to book tickets. They paid for the tickets themselves."

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