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Hospital to act against cat infestation

By Wei Na (Global Times)

09:58, January 10, 2012

A stray cat at Beijing Children's Hospital yesterday. (Photo: Guo Yingguang/GT)

Beijing Children's Hospital (BCH) made a decision to clear its premises of stray felines, after complaints from parents about cats invading the children's ward, hospital staff confirmed yesterday.

The hospital in Xicheng district posted notices on Thursday to announce that they would clear away all stray cats in one week. They also announced that feeding them would now be prohibited, the Beijing News reported yesterday.

An employee from the hospital pharmacy, who declined to be named, confirmed the details of the announcement to the Global Times.

"I heard that a small cat fell out of the pipes and hit a child, they are also believed to be responsible for broken electric cables," he said. "The main reason they're taking action is because parents complained that cats keep entering the children's ward."

The pharmacy worker informed the Global Times that nurses and local residents frequently feed the cats, which encourages them to visit the premises.

The publicity department of BCH was unable to comment yesterday.

"A hospital is an important location, and it is totally inappropriate for cats to be wandering around," said Wang Chen, director of Beijing Tiantan Hospital. "Stray cats carry fleas and pose a serious risk to hygiene, especially in sterile areas."

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