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Bounty for serial killer increased to 2.45m yuan

By Huang Jingjing (Global Times)

09:19, January 10, 2012

Police in Nanjing have increased the reward for the capture of a perpetrator of a recent deadly robbery to 150,000 yuan ($23,700), bringing the total bounty for the serial killer to 2.45 million yuan. Meanwhile, several civilians have voluntarily joined in the manhunt.

On Friday, at about 9:40 am in front a bank in Nanjing's Xiaguan district, a man in his 30s who had just withdrawn 200,000 yuan was shot in the head. The gunman quickly fled the scene with the cash.

Police suspect the killer to be the same man behind six other robberies and murders, in which six people were fatally shot and two seriously injured in Changsha and Chongqing since 2004.

To provide more information about the suspect, Nanjing police on Monday released a 14-second clip of the man running away after the robbery taken by surveillance cameras at around 9:50 am.

The video, widely circulated on various websites, shows a man in dark clothes and a peaked cap running into an alleyway of a residential community and carrying a black canvas bag in his left hand.

"The case is still under investigation," a staff memberfrom the publicity department of the Nanjing Public Security Bureau told the Global Times.

"Since the incident, we almost haven't slept. Colleagues, from new recruits to those about to retire, all stuck to their posts. We can hardly sleep until the suspect is captured," the police branch of Baixia district in Nanjing said on its microblog.

Despite the heightened alert, some residents still feel uneasy.

"Now we can see posters with the face of the wanted man on nearly every corner of the city," Xiao Lefang, an office worker who lives in a Nanjing suburb, told the Global Times Monday. "My friends and I are scared to go out at night," she added.

As the 130,000 policemen in the city tightened search, people nationwide have joined in the hunt efforts.

A microblog account named "chasing the killer" was opened Monday, in a bid to motivate the public to offer clues to help with early capture of the suspect.


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