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Hong Kongers protest ‘discrimination’

By Guo Kai (Global Times)

08:39, January 10, 2012

The Italian luxury fashion brand Dolce & Gabbana (D&G) has insisted that it does not discriminate against Hong Kongers after more than 1,000 people protested outside its Tsim Sha Tsui store on Sunday to demand an apology for an alleged bias against locals.

Hong Kong media reported that the D&G store in the Harbour City shopping mall on Canton Road asked mall security guards to go into the street and prevent Hong Kong locals from taking pictures of its storefront display.

But the guards reportedly allowed Chinese mainland tourists to take pictures both inside and outside the store.

"We strongly reject any racist or derogatory comments. It is regrettable that D&G has been brought into this matter, but we wish to underline that our company has not taken part in any action aiming to offending the Hong Kong public," D&G said in a statement released Sunday.

"We don't have any ban on Hong Kong locals taking pictures of our store," a D&G spokesperson in Hong Kong told the Global Times yesterday.

The furore erupted after an online post alleging that a man was stopped by security guards while taking photos for his girlfriend on the sidewalk in front of the D&G store last Tuesday.

Web users called for a demonstration and angry protesters gathered outside the store at 2 pm Sunday, holding banners and chanting 'Shame on you, D&G" and "Snapping pictures is our right. Banning is not your right."

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'"We are visitors and different to locals. Possibly, the shop does not allow locals to take photos for fear that their products would be faked," Zhang was quoted as saying by the Ming Pao newspaper. 'This is kind of rich coming from a mainlander.

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