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Beijing to release PM2.5 data before Spring Festival

By Wang Dongliang (Beijing Daily)

16:33, January 09, 2012

Edited and Translated by People's Daily Online

Beijing has started to monitor the PM 2.5 measurement, which is used to gauge air-quality and will soon release the data ahead of the Spring Festival, an official from the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau said on Jan. 5.

Beijing has not systematically and fully carried out the PM2.5 data monitoring until now. The Beijing Municipal Environmental Monitoring Center has been carrying out the PM2.5 monitoring in the General Observation Laboratory since 2006. After the Beijing Olympic Games, some environmental and air quality monitoring substations also carried out PM2.5 research monitoring.

Liu Xianshu, with Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, said the public is paying great attention to the PM2.5 and the environmental protection departments will construct monitoring stations and publish PM2.5 research monitoring data simultaneously.

According to the plan, the PM2.5 monitoring network will be completed before the Spring Festival. After a station is completed, the monitoring information from it will be published right away.


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