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Fake ‘foreign’ formula

By Wen Ya (Global Times)

08:30, January 09, 2012

(Photo from Global Times)

With the credibility of Chinese dairy products in crisis following a series of safety scandals, many Chinese parents have placed their hopes on foreign infant formula brands, but only to find that some of these brands are not so "foreign" after all.

As the market for foreign infant formula expands, shrewd Chinese dairy producers have gone all the way as to register their companies abroad and then sell their products in China as foreign brands.

Experts warn that foreign made infant formulas are not necessarily 100 percent safe, and that Chinese parents should keep a cool head when they pick products for their kids.

Loss of credibility

Earlier this month, an unidentified customer wanted to buy Nouriz infant formula online as he had learned it was imported from New Zealand. His friend in New Zealand revealed to him however, that the brand couldn't be found in local markets and locals had never heard of it, the Beijing News reported.

Shanghai Nouriz Dairy Company released an announcement on its website on Wednesday claiming it had registered Nouriz brand in both New Zealand and China to ensure that its production met standards in each country.

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Huo Quiao at 2012-01-1024.131.184.*
My dear Chinese government: Please play close attention to this kind of "Chinese Culture" things where one's self-gain override the safety of others. This particular mind-set does worry me a lot when come to national political safety. With 1.3 billions, if the government let down its guard, China could be destroyed in matter of days. China is wealthy, militarily capable, but I do worry more about self-destruction. So, doors should remain closed, guests should be screened, etc. so that my dear motherland remain rising and prosperity.

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