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Shanghai well-liked by foreigners

By Li Mao (Global Times)

08:19, January 09, 2012

The majority of foreigners in Shanghai said that their impression of the city improved after spending time living there, according to a survey released over the weekend.

More than 90 percent of the expatriates surveyed said they had a positive image of the city, with "magnificent" and "amazing" the most frequently used words to describe the city, said Liu Kang, director of Institute of Arts and Humanities at Shanghai Jiaotong University, who oversaw the survey.

The survey about Shanghai's international image was conducted last year and saw 586 foreigners from 47 countries interviewed. They were between 18 and 89 years old.

Around 40 percent of foreign residents first heard about the city via the Internet and television.

Shanghai was best-known for being a financial center and then for being an economic center. Its role as a shipping center gained least recognition.

Fifty-four percent of those surveyed said Shanghai's culture and tourism offering were highlights that should be promoted to the world. The Temple of the Town God was seen by nearly half of interviewees as the city's biggest cultural landmark.

Shanghai's architecture and cuisine, which combine eastern and western styles, are most popular among foreigners living, studying or touring in the city, while the lifestyle of local residents is least liked, according to the survey.

In addition, intellectual property rights protection, medical care and employment opportunities were the three attributes of the city that foreigners were least satisfied with.

Liu said the survey, which would be passed on to the local authority, might help the city government provide better services in areas such as international education, cross-cultural marriage and community security.

About 143,200 foreigners live in Shanghai, more than in any other Chinese city. Nearly a quarter of all foreign residents in China live in Shanghai, according to the sixth national census.


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Nic at 2012-01-1060.53.122.*
Wherever honey exists bees will come. We are all the same. This is why we see Chinese and Europeans all over the world.No matter what China has put in, when US and Europe recover, some foreigners will leave. We have seen that and this also happens to the Chinese too.Just hope that during your stay in China, the Chinese government will treat law-abidding residents fairly with education,cross-cultural marriage and community security. Be thankful that you have a place to go when the world is in turmoil. Don't forget us if your world recovers and we come to your world to make some money too.10 years feng shui will change in any direction. But we are still a human being living in this world.
Farry at 2012-01-09115.174.139.*
Dear Mr. Li,Please note reason the foreigners live in Shanghai is money we can earn. We are tired of the trafic and all the other problems. If Shanghai want to keep its expats, it has to start improving services, specially educating the local not to see every foreigner as big dollar sign. Otherwise foreigner will leave as soon as the USA and Europa are our of recession.

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