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Draft bus safety rules ‘too strict’

By Deng Jingyin (Global Times)

08:08, January 09, 2012

Excessively strict safety standards for school buses may end up making them unaffordable for schools in poorer areas, government representatives and industry insiders say.

A national conference seeking feedback on draft new bus standards proposed following a series of fatal school bus crashes was held in Beijing Thursday, with representatives from 10 ministries and major bus manufacturers in attendance.

Representatives from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and the Ministry of Finance pointed out that if standards were set too high, schools in rural areas would be unable to use them owing to the poor condition of local roads and the high cost of the buses.

This was not the intended consequence of stricter standards, they said.

Some enterprises, such as the First and Second Automobile Works and King-long, said the Western-style safety standards drafted by Yutong Group, one of China's biggest bus manufacturers, did not correspond to the reality in China.

"A big school bus costs at least 350,000 yuan ($55,480) depending on the number of seats. Some villages and townships can't afford ordinary school buses, let alone buses that meet US standards," Long Chen, vice president of Chinawea, a Beijing-based NGO that launched a school bus donation project, said yesterday.

Xu Xiangyang, deputy dean of Beihang University's School of Transportation Science and Engineering, told China National Radio that the new standards would apply to both urban and rural school buses, which need rougher country roads to be taken into account.

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Brian L at 2012-01-20219.233.181.*
The school bus design should not be used on most roads in China , the buses are too big. I must point out that it is the driver of the school bus that makes the bus safer. Im a retired school bus driver and professional drivng school instructer. I have been in Shanghai China half a year for the last three years. I believe the big problem exist with the driver of the school bus and car drivers. I have see the test for drivers and new drivers. It is no good. It does not teach safe driving, it does not have a practical road driving test. China from what I see has to many uneducated drivers. This is where the probelm lies. A chinese driver does not learn to drive he justs memorizes a set of questions to answer and if he has 90 % right he has a paper to drive a car or bus or truck. In were I come from this would be a considered a joke, to even let a driver have a license to drive.

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