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Beijing to release air-quality data using PM2.5 gauge by Spring Festival


10:51, January 06, 2012

BEIJING, Jan. 5 (Xinhua) -- The public will be able to view Beijing air-quality monitoring data using the PM2.5 gauge for the first time, as authorities plan to release it before the Spring Festival holiday begins on Jan. 23, an official with Beijing's Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau said Thursday.

The much-discussed data, previously only available for laboratory use and not disclosed to the public, will be released every hour via the bureau's website and other media, said Zhao Yue, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Environmental Monitoring Center.

Beijing's Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau is now working to increase its number of monitoring substations, as this will allow it to release real-time PM2.5 data by the end of 2012, said Zhao.

The Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau will gradually release the data after each monitoring substation is established, she added.

Beijing will also release hourly measurements of three other types of airborne matter (sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and inhaleable particles) instead of only the daily average.

The Ministry of Environmental Protection said it has been considering revising the present standards. A new index standard that includes PM2.5 and ozone density measurements is scheduled to be fully implemented nationwide in 2016, with pilot projects conducted in certain regions ahead of the national deadline.

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