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Troublesome weather coming to an end

By Wang Qian (China Daily)

09:21, January 06, 2012

An officer helps a driver set a fire to warm his truck's frozen fuel tank on an expressway in Guizhou province on Wednesday, as the temperature dropped to - 6 C. Tan Yingxue / for China Daily

BEIJING - Snow and freezing weather that disrupted road traffic in southern parts of China on Wednesday will end over the weekend.

"Temperatures will rise gradually, bringing rainfall to the central and southern parts of China before Jan 14," Ma Xuekuan, chief weather forecaster of the National Meteorological Center, told China Daily.

The sudden snowstorms throughout the southern parts of China since Wednesday have caused many highways to freeze and meteorologists have warned people to drive slowly and asked transport departments to clear snow and ice off the roads.

Two highways in Guizhou province and one in Hunan province have been closed since Wednesday due to the snowy weather.

Guizhou issued an alert for meteorological disasters that may be triggered by the snowstorms on Wednesday.

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