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For migrants, no Web, no train ticket

By Wu Yiyao (China Daily)

09:13, January 06, 2012

Two women catch up on thier sleep before boarding their train at Beijing West Railway Station on Thursday. With the holiday season fast approaching migrant workers have complained of difficulties purchasing tickets online and being forced to eundure long queues at trian stations. (Photo Zou Hong/China Daily)

Shanghai- Migrant workers complain that without Internet access, they have had more problems than ever buying train tickets since railway authorities launched the online ticket booking system.

Huang Qinghong, a 37-year-old migrant worker in Wenzhou, East China's Zhejiang province, wrote railway authorities to complain about the difficulty of buying train tickets for Spring Festival travel.

The tickets go on sale in the online and phone booking systems two days earlier than in train stations or through authorized ticket agents. While migrant workers wait for hours in line, tickets for the most popular routes are snapped up within minutes of becoming available on the computer system.

In the past, migrant workers could wait for hours in the cold of winter, sometimes overnight, to buy tickets at train stations or from ticket agents. And they might have been successful. Now they have no way to get tickets, Huang wrote, because they have no access to Internet and do not know how to book tickets by phone.

"In the past, I lined up in the early morning for a ticket, but now I don't even have that opportunity," he wrote.

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IQQAjMkBdrDmuTuj at 2012-05-12192.162.19.*
gXydBW Really enjoyed this blog post.Thanks Again.
helen at 2012-01-17203.82.92.*
Shame, Shame and Shame on the Railway Ministry!China developments must benefit all Chinese and not just the urban ones. The omission and negligence of the ministry is unpardonable and totally irresponsible.No Web No tickets!What rubbish and arrogant policy! If the Railway Minister persists in stupidity, then all the rural Chinese should remain in their villages after the New Year and consequently all the industries in China will remain closed indefinitely!Sack the whole lot at the Railway Ministry!
elee at 2012-01-06183.39.44.*
This culture is new and employers have to assist by helping them since they are more capable tham their employees. What is so slack about bosses? Because bosses are more focused to leave for holidays with their loved ones; and could not spend a bit of their time for their workers. It is very hard to and unfair just blame Railway Authorities in such case, if >90% of them have enjoyed the ease and comfort of the new system at the first go. There are holes to be plugged, of course. This is a bloody loss of face!

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