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Man tests homemade gun on stranger and kills her

(Shanghai Daily)

15:21, January 05, 2012

A man who tested the lethal power of his homemade gun on a pedestrian and shot her to death was arrested on New Year's Day in northeast China's Liaoning Province, China News Agency reported yesterday.

The 41-year-old suspect, Jia Baodong, shot the woman surnamed Wang, 40, in the head with a modified nail gun in Dunhua City on December 16. Wang died of wound in the hospital.

Dunhua police collected clues from local residents and eventually tracked down Jia who had fled to Jiaohe City. The man was caught in his own house on January 1 and police seized three guns, a pack of gunpowder, six bullets and a large amount of steel balls.

Police found Jia had served an eight-year sentence for fraud. He said he didn't know the victim at all and shot her only to test his gun. He went to Dunhua to test his gun because he was a total stranger there.

Jia arrived in Dunhua around 3pm on December 16 and wandered around a neighborhood. At about 8pm, Jia saw Wang walking home and no others were around. He pulled the trigger and shot Wang in the head. Then he fled and took a train home.


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