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Public more satisfied with weather services

By Yuan Yufei (Guangming Daily)

15:18, January 05, 2012

Edited and Translated by People's Daily Online

Chinese people show more satisfaction with weather services in 2011, according to a recent survey.

The survey participants give 85.7 points to weather services in 2011, an increase of 2.2 points from that of 2010 according to the results of a nationwide survey jointly conducted by the China Meteorological Administration and National Bureau of Statistics.

The survey also shows that people expect to learn more general knowledge about meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation.

Almost 50,000 participants, including two-thirds urban residents, from China's 31 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities, took part in the survey.

Nearly 53 percent of the respondents have general knowledge of meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation while the goal is to make 80 percent people have the knowledge.

The public want to acquire knowledge about meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation by watching documentaries and videos via television, mobile phone, the Internet, and other channels.


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sound waves and light can be a effective tools for china in countering china enemies
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china should believe in change of systemic priciples of united states led world and these changes should bring positive things in human ability especially chinese thus making world to change
ttt at 2012-01-05117.242.144.*
chinese submarines should be in fish type making it impossible for enemy to understand that whether it is a big fish or a submarines and can easily destroy enemy vehicles
ttt at 2012-01-05117.242.144.*
china should develop a mechanism where it can find people of all background with extraordinary mind irrespective of religion race age educational background financial background any body can be extraordinary
ttt at 2012-01-05117.242.144.*
china should insure a process to identify superintelligent people at earlier stage and develop their skills and supporting their research thus creating an army of high quality people in each sector be it anything within the parameters of socialism age educational qualifications financial background should not be a problem for intelligent mind then china will definately become a superpower and china should develop a mechanism to identify regions in world where extraordinary minds are there and bring them in there fold

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