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Gala for 10,000 cancer survivors to set world record

By Li Mao (Global Times)

08:43, January 05, 2012

About 10,000 Shanghai cancer patients will participate in a New Year gala held by a grass-roots cancer organization on January 15 that is expected to set a new world record.

The audience members, who suffer from various kinds of cancer, will use sign language to take part in a song sung by 1,000 performers, who are also cancer survivors, at the finale of the gala, the second such event in the city since 1990. It will take place in the Mercedes Benz Arena and is organized by the Shanghai Cancer Rehabilitation Club, the first non-governmental organization of its kind and one that has 12,000 members in Shanghai. It will be broadcast live on from 2 pm to 3:30 pm on January 15.

"It will be a world record if 10,000 cancer patients participate in the singing using sign language," a staff member at the Shanghai-based China Records Headquarters told the Global Times yesterday.

She said that two of their staff will attend to count the number of participants.

Club chief Yuan Zhengping said the gala's message for cancer patients is to smile at life and receive each day as a blessing. The show includes an opportunity for some patients to sing or dance with their idols, and will also include New Year greetings for people who could not make to the gathering.

A Shanghai taxi company will provide 20 free buses and 20 taxis to pick up cancer patients from hospitals and take them to the arena, he said.

Cao Lei, a 70-year-old Shanghai actress, will perform at the gala.

"I had cancer 30 years ago and I feel the urge to help," she told the Global Times yesterday.

There are 220,000 cancer survivors living in Shanghai. Each year 48,000 new cancer cases are diagnosed in the city and 32,000 cancer sufferers die. There is a cancer patient in one in five families, said Yuan.


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