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New Year's art starts controversy

By Cao Yin (China Daily)

08:32, January 04, 2012

Screen snap of the New Year concert of Hunan Satellite TV, during which used Wang Yunfei's painting.

BEIJING - A TV station in Hunan province has rung in the new year to the sound of controversy.

Hunan Satellite TV, which displayed artwork behind a singer during the New Year's Eve program, did so without the artist's knowledge or permission.

"I was shocked and thought it weird after my friend told me at midnight. When I confirmed those pictures were mine, I was angry," Wang Yunfei told China Daily on Tuesday.

Wang said he cannot accept that his copyright was used without a prior call for permission.

He posted the infringement case on his micro blog on Sunday, which was forwarded more than 84,000 times and received nearly 20,000 comments as of 5 pm on Tuesday.

"I hope the concert producer and Hunan Satellite TV can give me a written apology and compensate me," Wang, who is in his 20s, said firmly, refusing to disclose how much money he intends to ask for.

He said he received a call about negotiations on Monday from Peng Youlun, the producer responsible for the visual effects of the concert, but they did not reach an agreement during that talk.

"I hope the producer can solve the dispute with me as soon as possible," he said.

So far, however, Wang has not heard any replies from Peng and has found his artwork was still illegally used by the TV station when it replayed the concert.

"I'm consulting a lawyer now. I won't rule out a suit if the producer and Hunan Satellite TV still ignore me," he said.

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