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Chinese families head to science museums for holiday


14:54, January 03, 2012

SHANGHAI, Jan. 2 (Xinhua) -- After years of visiting popular attractions crowded with people, Chinese families are beginning to show an increasing preference for the quiet calm of the country's museums.

The Shanghai Science and Technology Museum received a large number of visitors on Monday, the second day of the three-day New Year holiday. Many parents took their children to the museum, one of the largest in China, for a special one-day tour featuring interactive games and programs.

The "Journey of Food" portion of the tour has been particularly popular among visitors, allowing them to take fruit-shaped carts on an educational journey through a simulated human digestive tract. Visitors have to line up for about an hour to go on the ride, according to a museum employee.

Shanghai resident Zhang Hui took his four-year-old son to the museum's "Rainbow Kid Garden," where natural phenomena such as wind, light, sound and electricity are demonstrated through games.

"Although my son is too young to completely understand the principles behind these phenomena, he will still obtain some basic knowledge through the games," Zhang said.

"We try to educate children through the games, as this will help encourage their curiosity and interest," said Li Jun, head of the museum's press office.

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