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Subway escalators back in service after fatal accident

(Shanghai Daily)

14:26, January 03, 2012

TEN escalators which were shut down after one of them went suddenly into reverse, killing one rider and injuring 30 others in a Beijing Metro Line 4 station resumed operation yesterday.

The design flaw which caused the fatal accident has been fixed by the escalator producer OTIS and all the 10 escalators in the Metro station passed the quality examination on December 31, Metro operator Beijing MRT said on its official microblog on yesterday.

The accident happened on July 5 when an up-going escalator at the Zoo Station of Metro Line 4 suddenly went into reverse, causing a 13-year-old boy to be crushed to death by people falling upon him. Thirty others were injured in the accident.

Investigation showed a broken bolt caused the escalator drive chain to loosen up and the escalator's protection mechanism failed to stop backward movement.

OTIS has replaced the faulty component and added an extra protection device in all the escalators, Beijing News reported today.

Local quality supervisors took 177 OTIS escalators in the city's Metro system out of service after the accident. The rest will be put into operation by the Spring Festival, which falls on January 22 this year, the report said.


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