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Scenic spot opens to attract winter business

By Shao Wei (China Daily)

13:21, December 31, 2011

KANAS, Xinjiang - This year saw the Kanas scenic spot in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, known as "the last piece of pure land on Earth", open for the first time in winter to large groups of tourists.

On Friday, travelers on a tour of the scenic spot gained a series of unusual experiences from a travel program that scheduled various diversions traditionally enjoyed by the native Tuwa ethnic group. They included a ski race using replicas of ancient ski boards and snow wrestling.

"This is the first time that Kanas has been opened to a large number of tourists in the winter," said Liu Shenggang, director of the management committee of the Kanas scenic spot.

"In the past, it wasn't common for people to visit Kanas in this season since the road was always blocked by heavy snow."

Several steps have been taken to attract more visitors; discounts have been offered on the tickets giving entrance to the Kanas scenic spot and the road leading to the attraction has been broadened. Liu said visitors will now be able to see how the beautiful lake and boundless forest there look in the snow.

Charley North, together with nine skiers from New Zealand, said making a three-day trip to Kanas is "absolutely amazing".

"Kanas is pure and quiet," North said. "Not many people live there. It's like a fairyland of ice and snow. We know Altay (where the Kanas scenic spot is located) is the first place of skiing. That's why we chose to visit here. It's very interesting to see local Tuwa people ski on the ancient skiing boards."

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