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New zone offering benefits to draw Taiwan professionals

By Chen Xin and Tan Zongyang (China Daily)

10:14, December 31, 2011

PINGTAN, Fujian - Taiwan professionals are expected to come to Pingtan Island, an experimental development zone in East China's Fujian province, in greater numbers in response to the government's offer of benefits specially tailored to them.

Sixty-two Taiwan technological and management professionals now work in Pingtan and more than 2,000 Taiwan residents have visited the island and looked at investment opportunities there.

Pingtan recently adopted policies that will make it easier for Taiwan professionals to obtain entry permits, housing and social-security benefits.

Taiwan residents working in Pingtan can apply for a certificate that will let them enter and exit the mainland freely for five years. They can also apply for a residence permit that will be valid for two to five years and ensure they can enter and exit the mainland during that time.

Taiwan management and technological professionals that meet Pingtan's requirements and also pay 50,000 yuan ($7,920) or more a year in personal income taxes can enjoy subsidies from the local government for purchasing or renting housing.

Talented professionals in scientific and technological research, financing, higher education, training and modern services can live in public rental housing for free or will have the opportunity to buy subsidized housing in Pingtan.

Taiwan residents' children can receive free instruction at preschools, as well as primary, junior and high schools in Pingtan. Taiwan residents who work for companies in the experimental zone or have their own businesses there will receive pension and medical insurance benefits.

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