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Online train ticket rush overwhelms new system

By Zha Minjie (Shanghai Daily)

10:48, December 30, 2011

THE Shanghai railway operator's online ticket booking system was overwhelmed with huge volume yesterday upon its debut before the coming spring travel rush, leaving some to worry that they could not book their tickets successfully and get home in time.

Passengers said the website,, could not be opened. Some claimed they failed to book tickets despite having paid the fares on the Internet.

The rail operator, on the other hand, encouraged travelers to book tickets online, calling it "convenient" and saying it had a "sufficient supply."

"I doubt it," said Zhou Chenxi, who just graduated from a local university and whose hometown is in the northwest Qinghai Province. Zhou tried to log onto the website several times but was told the "system is busy."

Compared with the rather smooth process beforehand, the rush season put stress on the website. Zhou finally was able to grab a ticket home after more than an hour. Others were not lucky enough to get tickets online.

Railway officials said the system was still in its testing phase even though it's in use.

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