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Scent of money

By Geng Wenxin (Global Times)

10:34, December 30, 2011

Shaxian county in Fujian Province has been through some lean times over the years, but its local food traditions have cooked up an economic renaissance. Shaxian snacks have become so popular around China that the county trademarked them in 1998.

The food may be relatively cheap and convenient, but not just anyone can cook and sell it.

Anyone wishing to set up a restaurant selling the prized snacks must be from Shaxian and must have the county's trademark. Any other places offering the snacks are considered to be fake, and the Shaxian authorities are busy cracking down on them.

The Shaxian county government estimated that the total operating revenue of restaurants selling the local snacks was at least 5 billion yuan ($790.04 million) in 2010. Now plans are being drawn up to float the restaurant business on the stock market.

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