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Restaurant smoke law gets tougher

By Cai Wenjun (Shanghai Daily)

15:40, December 29, 2011

RESTAURANTS will be considered entirely tobacco-free if the owners don't separate smoking and non-smoking areas, according to a new rule to tighten smoking control in local eateries.

The rule requires restaurants larger than 150 square meters or that have over 75 seats to set up smoking and non-smoking areas. Those failing to do so will face punishment, officials said yesterday as a spot check was carried out citywide.

Fourteen restaurants and two individuals have been fined 28,100 yuan (US$4,460) so far this year for violating the city's first anti-tobacco law, which bans smoking in 13 types of places like hospitals and kindergartens and requires establishment of smoking and non-smoking areas in middle-sized and large restaurants, said officials from the Shanghai Health Promotion Commission.

Officials said they carried out enforcement actions with different targets this year. By September, the city had fined 48 business venues and six individuals for breaking the anti-smoking law.

"The new rule is to make the law more feasible and give restaurants stronger pressure on smoking control," said Gu Xiping from Shanghai Health Promotion Commission.

She said the commission has informed all local restaurants big enough to come under the new law. Restaurants smaller than 150 square meters or 75 seats are not covered by the local anti-smoking law.

"A unified smoking-control sign with the official complaint hotline 962727 has also been distributed recently," Gu said.

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Observer at 2011-12-30203.177.74.*
Hahaha... "Restaurants smaller (haha, dont you mean "less than") 150 Sq Meters or 75 seats...".
Canada at 2011-12-2970.36.49.*
A left wing municipal party here led the fight to first segregate restaurants, bars and lunch rooms into smoking and non-smoking areas, then banned smoking indoors in all public indoor places. The indoor smoking ban led to their election defeat, as corporate supervisors ended up in both smoking and non-smoking lunch rooms, obliterating any possibility of discussion of workplace issues or left wing politics. It continues to undermine the left"s strength, ability to organize, educate, and agitate. Many on the left smoke. Smokers were forced to eat their lunch outdoors even in winter, and smoking supervisors joined them there too. The present social democrat municipal council has gone to the ridiculous length of banning smoking in city parks, and something like 18 feet from doorways. The price of a carton of 200 cigarettes is around $94.00 [1,504 yuan]. Over 50% of that is government tax. It keeps working people who smoke in poverty, they cut back on better quality food, further adversely affecting their health. Some places won"t rent to smokers. Yes, smoking is a killer, much better never to start. But the tyranny of the non smokers mostly benefits the right wing. Having smoking and non smoking areas in restaurants is an acceptable compromise as usually friends of smokers will agree to eat in the smoking area.
PD User at 2011-12-29183.39.57.*
very good and keep the pressures up!

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