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Free at last, tolls end on the S5

By Dong Zhen (Shanghai Daily)

10:56, December 29, 2011

AFTER almost 10 years of repeated pleas to the Shanghai government, January 1 will mark an end to a controversial expressway toll.

Officials announced yesterday that toll collecting on the Shanghai-Jiading Expressway, the first and oldest highway facility on the Chinese mainland, also known as the S5, would end at the start of next year.

Officials also announced that the minimum toll on other local expressways would be cut from 10 yuan to 5 yuan.

The removal of tolls on the S5 will directly benefit around 200,000 commuters driving between Jiading District and downtown.

With many residential complexes springing up in the suburban district and automobile industry operations booming in Jiading's Anting Town, workers and residents have been increasingly complaining of what they call an "ungrounded daily traffic expense."

Many legislators and delegates of the local political advisory body also backed calls for the toll to end.

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