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'Beautiful mother' and saved child healing fast

By Xu Xiaomin and Wu Yiyao (China Daily)

08:36, December 29, 2011

SHANGHAI - Falling down 10 floors seemingly did not leave much negative impact on Zhang Fangyu, nicknamed Niuniu, a 2-year-old girl who was miraculously saved by a woman when the toddler fell out the window of her home in July.

"She is in good spirits, the same as she was before the accident," said Zhang Zhonghua, the girl's father.

The Hangzhou girl continues to receive recovery treatment in Zhejiang People's Hospital for about three to four hours from Monday to Friday. The therapy includes massage, training in grasping things and walking, with the aim to improve muscle strength.

"She is recovering well except that the fingers on her left hand are not flexible enough and the left foot tip is not rising normally," said the father. "Doctors told us she needed to receive regular therapy until she was 16."

The girl has put on weight during the half-year treatment.

"Now she is over 16 kg (the average weight of a child her age), and I can hardly carry her on one arm," said the father, with a smile.

Back home from the hospital, the girl spent most of her time watching cartoon and playing with kids from neighboring houses, Zhang said. "She also likes going to the supermarket very much and is interested in almost everything on the shelves."

The accident brought along a very significant person to Niuniu's life. Wu Juping, 31 and the mother of a 7-month-old boy, who caught hold of the girl even as she was on the way to hitting the ground at full force, broke her left arm in the process. She is now a close friend of the Zhang family.

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ming chu {USA) at 2011-12-3075.210.56.*
why is the human animal different , unique , beautiful from other types of animals ?.....when a city pigeon get hit accidentally by an auto , do the other pigeons care ? , the other pigeons continue to feed , would not bother to look at the dying pigeon . BUT . When Niuniu falls out of the window 10 stories , Wu instantly extents her hands . Instinct hands from news editors write this story ..... WE ARE UNIQUE ANIMALS IN THE UNIVERSE .

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