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ID required for morning after pill

(China Daily)

19:10, December 28, 2011

A second city in East China's Fujian province will require those buying emergency contraceptive pills to show identification, Xiamen Daily reported on Wednesday.

Citizens in Xiamen city of East China's Fujian province will now be asked to provide proof of identity, following a similar rule of the province's capital city of Fuzhou,

According to the rule issued by Xiamen Food and Drug Administration, all pharmacies should check the buyer's ID card, register names and numbers as well as contact information, before selling pills to them.

Some citizens fear the rule could invade people’s privacy. While others point out the rule may hinder efforts to protect teenagers from unplanned pregnancies.

Despite the requirement, it is believed some will still be unwilling to register authentic personal information.


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Gerard at 2011-12-29123.131.134.*
This will only cause more pregnancy as girls would be ashamed to attempt to buy the pill.

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