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Shy cartoon addict seeks live-in maid

By Guo Rui (China Daily)

09:52, December 28, 2011

WUHAN - A recent online post seeking a live-in maidservant for a 17-year-old boy has drawn huge attention.

Huang Yufei, nicknamed Wuhanpadapeng, posted an advertisement on Sina micro blog. The online recruitment notice released on Dec 13, said a 17-year-old stay-at-home person, or "otaku" in Japanese, wanted to recruit a maidservant who might serve, and also, live with him. No sexual demands would be made, the post stated.

Huang told China Daily that the right candidate has since been found and the girl has signed an official contract with the employer.

The notice stipulated that the successful applicant should dress in uniform and call the employer "master" at work.

The other required services include watching cartoon together with her "master", making tea and generally looking after him. Cooking and washing are excluded though.

The notice also said the employer will offer a contract to the successful applicant, covering social welfare benefits, weekend break, at least 3,000 yuan ($480) as basic salary, not counting bonus payment for extra work.

Huang said the 17-year-old on whose behalf he released the advertisement was from a wealthy family, was studying in a university and liked watching cartoons very much.

"He is just shy and does not like the complications of having to socialize, so he wanted somebody at home to keep him company," he said.

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