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Wen says farmers must profit more from growth (2)


08:03, December 28, 2011

He said more effort should be made to protect farmers' rights in land properties, income distribution, employment, social security and public services.

The construction of new socialist rural areas remained a significant task, and there was still a lot work to be done to bridge the development gap between rural and urban regions and boost overall agricultural production capacity.

Wen said China should stick to the "most strict" protection of farmland and water resource management while constantly promoting agricultural science and technology.

Farmers should enjoy the legal rights of land contracts, land use and collective income distribution as basic protections, whether they moved to the city or stayed in the countryside, he said.

"No one is empowered to deprive such rights," Wen said.

Wen called for more efforts to encourage farmers who are literate and skilled at farming to stay in the countryside and contribute to long-term agricultural development.

He also stressed improvements in rural school conditions that would allow rural children to enjoy a quality education.

"The removal and merging of schools should be treated very prudently, fully considering convenience and safety of student commuting," he said.

Wen urged more measures to help migrant workers settle down in places where they are employed, while transferring industries to central and western regions, as well as smaller cities and towns, to allow more farmers to find jobs near their hometowns.

The conference is set to map out policies for next year's agricultural and rural development, specifying policies such as boosting grain production, raising the minimum state purchasing prices of grain, and increasing subsidies to grain growers.

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wei siung at 2012-01-03125.162.151.*
beautifull China,gone one by one.
Todd at 2011-12-29108.37.21.*
If you can"t feed your own people you"re in bad shape. You"ll be at other countries mercy. Practice self-reliance (juche). Slow, steady, and balanced growth.
PD User at 2011-12-29183.39.57.*
Of course, it is right and correct to help the incomes of farmers; but with this, who will monitor that 3rd-parties or downstream of post-farmers will not mark up with the same "mulitpier" to maintain the same or better profit margins? If this is not managed and controlled tightly, then it will surely be a case of "inflations going wild and mad". Then, what?

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