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Da Vinci launches legal action

By Miranda Shek (Global Times)

16:18, December 26, 2011

The Shanghai Administration for Industry and Commerce insisted the hefty fine it slapped on troubled furniture retailer Da Vinci Group was legitimate, and vowed to defend the matter in court.

Shanghai-based luxury furniture retailer Da Vinci said over the weekend it would file a lawsuit against the administration after being fined 1.33 million yuan ($209,900) for selling faulty products.

Zhang Yusong, press officer for the administration, told the Global Times yesterday that Da Vinci Group must pay the penalty for failing to meet national standards and regulations.

"Da Vinci has violated the law and a simple apology is not enough. It must be punished for its wrongdoing," he said.

Zhang added that Da Vinci had not only failed to meet national standards set by the administration, but had also violated Chinese law by failing to provide consumers with user manuals in Chinese for its imported furniture.

The administration said the product line Cappelletti, sold by Da Vinci, failed the quality tests conducted by a third party, because the furniture contained unsafe levels of formaldehyde.

Da Vinci issued a statement on Saturday accusing the administration of testing the furniture illegally, as the "testing time was only four days, shorter than the required seven days," and the administration refused to provide information as to who conducted the test in court.

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