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Kingsoft denies staff hacking allegations

By Jin Jianyu (Global Times)

10:16, December 25, 2011


Kingsoft Corporation, an antivirus software companies, denied on Friday that its employee was the hacker who released 6 million user names and passwords saved on the Chinese Software Developer Net (CSDN), China's largest online community for computer programmers, according to its official website.

The antivirus company said that their staff member, known as "hzqedison" on his microblog on, obtained the code package from, an information-sharing platform, one and a half hours after news of the leak began to spread at noon on Wednesday, according to their initial investigation.

The statement also said that another Web user, named "chouxiaozi", had already shared the package on another online software loophole reporting platform, on December 4. The company said they reported the case to the police and will do their best to help find the real hacker.

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