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Two arrested in gun attack case in S China


10:17, December 24, 2011

GUANGZHOU - Two suspects connected with an attack with guns in south China's Guangdong province have been arrested, but others were still at large, local police said.

The incident happened at about 2 am Thursday in Zhongtang township, Dongguan city. The victim, a man surnamed Li, was driving his car at the Xinhetian village section on the National Highway No 107 when two cars came up and blocked his car at the front and the rear. A couple of men got off their cars and shot at Mr Li before running away from the scene, the police sources said.

The local police launched investigation immediately and found the suspects hiding in two places. At about 8:15 am Tuesday they stormed a village hotel and arrested two young men, both in their 20s, who possessed one pistol and seven bullets. The two men, surnamed Peng and Fan, admitted committing the crime.

The other police task team met with violent resistance while trying to arrest suspects from the city's Gaobu township. The suspects fired several gun shots and escaped the police siege.


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